Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is Wanderlust a Curse?

People keep asking what fun things i’m doing.  And i can’t do anything but answer, “Oh, same as EVERY day here on this Rock!” 

Bowen Island is a beautiful place, and i love it here in my Sanctuary, but it’s a lonely place too!  It’s where i hide away from the world, planning my nefarious schemes..  Well, not completely nefarious, but i’m sure that’s what some people think!  Ok.. some of them ARE rather wicked, but that’s neither here nor there. 

I’m planning the next stage of my life, and having a blast doing it!  I’m a planner at heart, so my in-depth research and organization makes my heart sing!  (Btw, my ONLINE life is orderly, my REAL life looks like a bomb went off, but.. i’m good with that.  ...Priorities!)

My wandering feet... across
Frame Lake, Yellowknife, NWT
And it totally has to do with Wanderlust!  That deep NEED to move around this earth of ours, making a new place home for a while, then moving on again.  Honestly, it’s a driving force that i can’t contain!

Hey.. i don’t expect you (or anyone) to understand.  I don’t understand it myself!

I mean, leave the friends and family i love.. a new house just built especially for me.. to live life indefinitely like a tumbleweed?  

 *song pops into my head* ♪ ♫ Mama was a rolling stone….. ♫♪ Wherever she lay her hat was her home! ♪     

 And yes, i know the next lines to that song would be, “And when she died.. all she left us was alone..”

 And there we have it.  Is Wanderlust a curse?

 It’s come to the point that when i see people in a tv show, obviously happily living their lives in their nice homes with family and friends.. living day to day.. i actually feel so sorry for them!  How can they stand being in the same town their entire lives?? 

Yet i did that myself, for many years!  And was very happy, thank you very much!  I wouldn’t change those years for anything!

But now… i can’t do that anymore… not for the life of me!  I’m cursed with Wanderlust, and nothing else will suffice if i want to be 'truly' happy!

At THIS time of my life.

And IF the Travel Gods allow it of course.  I am precariously perched on top of three very important factors.  Finances, Health and Having a House-sitter.  It’s a very delicate balance, and if just ONE of those things go out of whack, i’m S.O.L.  And my health is going downhill so fast, it’s like i’m in a race against time!  Which fuels my need to GO!  NOW!  While i CAN!  Before it’s too LATE!

I’m sure that once i get some serious wandering under my belt, complete with bug-infested beds in a multitude of youth hostel dorm rooms, getting lost in places i shouldn’t even BE in, and actually never being able to be alone… i’ll be ready to settle down and be reclusive again.

At least for a while, until that Lust builds up in my soul again...

Apologies to the people i love and who love me...

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