Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Volunteering... Finally, something resonates!

My goodness... i'm sitting here in tears right now.  I've found something that resonates with what i want to do SO much...

And i found it in a post by Earl.  It's GrassrootsVolunteering.com.  I've wanted to volunteer on my journeys around the world, but could only ever find places that expect you to pay BIG BUCKS (i'm talking thousands!) for you to 'volunteer'.  Sounds to me, more like a tourist scam (or 'experience', to be fair).  I simply do not have that kind of money!  I'll be travelling with a small daypack.. that's all!  It's hostels and street food for me!

But with Grassroots... you have choices!  FREE volunteering opportunities... Under $200 opportunities... and it goes up from there.  To see that list of free ones, started the tears flowing...

Thank you Earl (& Shannon of course, who has created the website)!  You've made my day!  :-)

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