Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aaaaand.... About face! Now Japan is on my radar...

No sooner have i decided that Chiang Mai is where i'm going to be living
next year... everything turns on it's head and now Japan is where i'm wanting to at least TRY to figure out how/where to live in, if at all possible!

See my new Japan blog... Amber Loves Japan.  *sigh*  Yet ANOTHER blog...  hehe (lets face it.. i just enjoy creating blogs and making them pretty).  But seeing it's not a place i plan to be moving through quickly, in hopefully GypsyKat style, i figure Japan should get a blog of its own.  It's all about how much time is spent.

Here in Yellowknife.. the sub Arctic.. i've spent a year, so it got its own blog.  And Japan would be the same, if possible, so i can learn Japanese.  We shall see if they even LET me stay long enough to get relatively fluent!

Anyway... new plans.. new research.  And it will all be on 'Amber Loves Japan'.

UPDATE: July 23/12 --- Japan is on hold.  I can't get a Visa to stay anywhere NEAR the amount of time i wanted there!  *sigh*  I think that maybe i should just keep everything here.. lol.. instead of making new blogs for everything!  Man.. i'm such a Blog Whore!  Lol

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