Friday, February 25, 2011

♪♫• Rollin' rollin' rollin' ♪♫•

Wow.. i can't believe that my brain is back on the Gypsy Wagon (RV) track again... my original idea! I would dearly love to travel the world... see all those countries out there that my kids have now experienced... OMG, what a once-in-a-lifetime experience! But chances are i'd be doing most of it alone, and with what's happening out there... Just look at what's happening in Egypt, one place i was planning on going to... or Korea (i was offered a free trip there with an old friend, but it's on the verge of war, and that makes me decidedly nervous).
a Gypsy Wagon

Ooohhh, nobody would ever take advantage of a woman traveling alone here at home! ;-) Hehe.. yeah, i know.. It's probably just as dangerous in an RV in Canada/US. But either way, my head is thinking RV again.Too bad i just missed the early bird RV show at the beginning of Feb. And the main show won't be on until after i leave for Yellowknife. So looks like i'm sh*t out of luck to go sit in RVs & dream of a life on the road! This whole RV thing would be so far in the future anyway, but... this girl does love to dream!
A Vampyre Story

As i've said before, i haven't even left for Yellowknife, and i'm already thinking/planning my years after that! Last night i asked my friend what will happen after i get back after my year up there, in the summer 2012 (as if he'd know.. lol). I really don't think that i'll be satisfied just staying in Vancouver! And certainly not being back on this island, sequestered from the world again, for yet another stint at a prison sentence! Renting a room in Vancouver might help, so i can get out there and socialize, but... i want to go live in new places, and meet new people... *sigh* You know... same old, same old. If you have this RV dream yourself... you get it.

Of course he didn't know, but suggested i cross that bridge when i get there. So... i wait. And in the meantime, i plan my next adventure... my move to Yellowknife this coming June...

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