Friday, October 22, 2010

The dream is born....

It seems WAY too early to be starting this blog, but... the planning of it is going to be a looooong process, so i might as well start with this!

Gypsy Kat's New Life starts in June, 2011. I'll be moving to Yellowknife (in the NWT, Canada) for a year (or maybe just 6 months.. we shall see), by myself. Well, that's the plan at least. Find a part-time job, find a roommate/room.... and live with the Aurora Borealis.

 The Call of the North has been strong for years now. I have a Northern/Yellowkife blog (life-north-of-60... where i'll post most of my Yellowknife experience), but i've not even gotten to YK (short for Yellowknife) yet, and i'm already dreaming of the year or two after that! So seeing that it all has to do with seeing the world and living in it, i've now added YK to that 'life'.

And what are those plans i'm dreaming of? To travel the earth with a backpack, like a gypsy vagabond. To live in other countries and completely immerse myself in the cultures, by working and living with the people. To live in the moment (unlike now, where i'm obsessed with the future).

This would not be a vacation... it's a lifestyle choice. A dream. I'm sure it's WAY too ambitious, and i certainly may not even be able to handle it when push comes to shove, but what can i say? I'm an incurable dreamer! And i want to at least try!

Gypsy Kat's dream started a few years ago with wanting to buy an RV & travel around Canada & the US. Stay at one place long enough to make friends, see the area, maybe do some paintings and selling them online to help pay for food, etc (can you say 'dreamer'?), then move on to the next place.

But then last year, my 18 year old daughter went on a 'Kontiki' trip to Europe for a couple of weeks, then stayed there for about a month afterwards. I followed her trip with loving envy on facebook... such a lucky girl! And at this moment, my son is in France with his girlfriend... his 5 month journey around Europe & area almost done. OH, the experiences they've had! Camel journey & sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, waterfall sliding in Switzerland, and SO many more! I can't wait for them to return home so i can hear all about it... and pick their brains! I SO want to do that too!

Which was when Gypsy Kat's determination to actually DO that was born! I've wanted to do this for years, but i've only been obsessing about it for a couple of weeks so far, but MAN the desire is strong!

Gypsy Kat's dream of a New Life continues. In the meantime, there's SO much work to do...

I have started a travel blog for Gypsy Kat at travelpod.com/members/gypsykat ... so i may continue this thing there. I really like the setup there. I can create a different blog/album for every country, and the entries include a map. So... hopefully see you there... in the future...

(web shot of the template, just in case i change it in future)...

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RandomBugBytes said...

Oh, I forgot to add something. Until you can dream it, you can't make it happen. I dreamt about all my travel: to the Mexico to see S; road trip with E to California; Alaskan cruise with L; England, Wales and Ireland--including Birr Castle; and the big unexpected one--New York with L & E. It all came true. Now I'm dreaming of Ottawa, Mexico City, and Australia. That's how you make it happen.